13 Things Every Tour Player's House Has To Have


13 Things Every Tour Player's House Has To Have

April 22, 2015

A killer practice facility

To stay on top of your game, a top-level setup in your backyard is clutch. At Tiger Woods' Jupiter, Fla., house, he has a couple of holes along the water. What better way to practice in different conditions?

A spacious trophy room

Leaving room to add to your collection of trophies is key to maintaining your motivation. Just ask Rory McIlroy.

Outdoor water activities

Jet-skis. Fishing. Stand-up paddle boarding. If you're a tour pro looking for a house, a water view is essential. Catching fish while you're stand-up paddle-boarding isn't a skill you can just buy with a house, though.

Movie theater

For rainy days, or to review highlights of your most recent major championship win.

Basketball court

You can officially call your crib "baller" if you have hardwood like this court in Hunter Mahan's recently-listed Dallas house.

Ideal outdoor area to entertain friends

Maybe it's for a birthday party. Or just a regular get-together. But to us, having a ton of lawn space like Shigeki Maruyama's recently-listed Los Angeles mansion gives you a ton of options.

More outdoor area to entertain your kids

What's just as important to a tour pro as a grooved short game? A happy family. With a setup like Ted Purdy's, you can practice chipping and putting while your kids play on the swing set. Everybody wins!

Pimped-out garage

When you have multiple luxury cars, you can't afford to skimp on a driveway/garage area. Don't worry. Ian Poulter didn't skimp.

A golf cart with a TV? A golf cart with a TV.

At Phil Mickelson's compound in Rancho Santa Fe, he has tons of chipping areas and putting greens. And according to an ESPN.com column last year, Lefty has a golf cart with a satellite dish on the top and a TV in front. Because, sports, right?

Comfortable meeting room

When you're Jordan Spieth and the potential money you can make keeps increasing by the day, you need a luxurious place to have your negotiations.

Wine cellar

We'd be fine with either a wine cellar or a home brewery setup. Or both. Either way, this is a key component to facilitating your celebrations of future tour wins.

Workout room

Because why leave the house when you could build everything you need under your own roof?

Your own boat

So many benefits ... no need to even list them all. But one of the best ones, if you live in Jupiter? Taking a cruise to see your tour pro buddies, like Dustin Johnson, shown here, stopping to talk with Keegan Bradley.

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