Our Readers Have Spoken, And This Is What They Like Best


Our Readers Have Spoken, And This Is What They Like Best

November 11, 2013

Playing one hole at Augusta National is more appealing than 18 at TPC Sawgrass

TPC Sawgrass isn't exactly a shabby golf course. But, when given the choice between playing 18 holes at Sawgrass or any one hole at Augusta National, readers voted overwhelmingly in favor of the Masters venue.

Anything with peanut butter is the best on-course snack

Have a peanut allergy? Well, too bad. If Golf Digest readers had their way, peanut butter would be the only snack allowed on the golf course, with 42 percent of respondents saying that peanut butter was their favorite on-course snack.

The Jason Dufner butt-squeeze was the best viral golf moment of 2013

The Dufner butt-squeeze faced some tough competition, but in the end, it topped the likes of Dufnering and Sammy The Squirrel easily, becoming our readers' favorite viral golf moment of 2013 with almost 60 percent of the vote.

You most want to have a lesson from Butch Harmon

Sean Foley may be Tiger Woods, Hunter Mahan and Lee Westwood's coach, but in the minds of our readers, Butch is still king. When asked who they would most like to have a lesson from between Butch Harmon, Sean Foley, Jim McLean, Mike Bender and David Leadbetter, 60 percent opted for Butch.

The Presidents Cup tape delay was 2013's biggest fail

In this case, being the winner isn't a good thing. When asked what the biggest fail of 2013 was, readers passed over Sergio's ill-fated fried chicken joke to anoint NBC's decision to tape-delay the final round of the Presidents Cup the season's biggest fail.

Jordan Spieth was 2013's breakout star

Inbee Park may have won three majors (and three other LPGA Tour events), but that still wasn't enough to make her our breakout star of 2013. Readers instead agreed on Jordan Spieth, who became the youngest PGA Tour winner since 1931 when he won the John Deere Classic in July.

@JasonDufner is your favorite follow on tour

Favorite follow on tour? Move over Ian Poulter, because our readers prefer Duff Daddy. With more than 55 percent of the vote, Jason Dufner was voted readers' favorite follow on tour by the largest margin of victory of any question.

The U.S. Walker Cup Team wore 2013's coolest outfits

The 2013 PGA Tour season boasted a lot of snazzy outfits, but none snazzier than the U.S. Walker Cup team's practice round uniforms, according to our readers. Move over, octopus pants.

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