Fantasy Golf: Our Readers' Designs


Fantasy Golf: Our Readers' Designs

November 10, 2010

Par 5 over Niagra Falls

Location/Hole info: Niagra Falls, CanadaPar 5 / 250 yardsThis par 5 would certainly intimidate even the longest of hitters! If your lucky enought to get a descent drive down the middle you still have to crush a 250 yard BOMB over water. Oh and you might want to try and play the wind...

The Island Hopper Course

Designer: Taylor ShumateLocation/Hole info: Utila, Honduras Par 3A short Par 3 on the Island Hopper Course, located on the small tropical islands just outside Utila, Honduras. This Par 3 requires pine point accuracy, as any shot just off its mark can be carried by the green into the tough sand traps, or even the surrounding ocean waters. Although this hole can be a headache for many golfers, the warm, crystal clear tropical waters and soft, powdery sand can help ease the pain.

The Alister Club of McKenzie County

Designer: Derek SeifertLocation/Hole info: Williston, North Dakota18th Hole / Par 4 / 400 yardsThis hole is a tribute to one of the game's greatest designers, Alister Mackenzie. Mackenzie had a fondness for short par 4 golf holes that placed a premium on accuracy into the green, and this hole requires such precision. The design is located in an area that features a mixture of North Dakota badlands, Missouri River bluffs, and oil derrick platforms. The hole is roughly 400 yards long from the professional tee and 325 yards long from the forward tee. The hole can be shortened significantly with a bold drive over the fairway bunkers, however a side-hill lie with pose a challange when hitting to the small green. The best route to the green is to aim towards the far fairway bunker on the tee shot and from the fairway, along that line, the remaining yardage is 130 yards. The small green, about 19 yards deep, runs away from the golfer and to the left, so approach shots played directly at the flag must be hit high and flush in order to stop. The prudent approach shot is a lower trajectory played to the right of the flag but left of the bunker located in the middle of the fairway 25 yards short of the green. The slope will riccochet the ball to the left and onto the green in all but the very wettest of playing conditions. Too bad this hole is not yet real, it would be a great hole to end a match on or need to birdie in order to win.

Cades Cove Golf Club

Designer: Brian RossLocation/Hole info: Townsend, Tennessee15th Hole / Par 5 / 610 YardsCades Cove Golf Club is located in an open meadow high in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. The 15th hole is a 610-yard Par 5 that is a true 3-shot hole for most golfers. Despite its length, the hole plays shorter than its yardage, thanks to a 45-foot drop in elevation from tee to green as well as its location almost 1800 feet above sea level. The ideal play on the hole would be to place the tee shot just over the first fairway bunker. The second shot would ideally then be played over the second fairway bunker into the large, open fairway, but short of the two center bunkers. From there, a short approach to the large, front-to-back sloping green will await the golfer with options for an air approach, or to play the slope to allow the ball to run up and onto the green.

The Parliament Hill, The Nation's Capital Golf Course

Designer: Perry NeweyLocation/Hole info: Ottawa, Canada15th Hole / Par 4 / 425 YardsThe site for my dream hole looks out over the Ottawa River with striking views of the Parliament Buildings and the Museum of Civilization. Parliament Hill is a 425 yard intimidating, spectacularly scenic, uphill par four. There are four sets of tees to allow for golfers of varying experience. The pro tees are at water level and tilt away from the fairway setting up for a demanding tee shot. The fairway tilts to the right, leaning toward the water, leaving a blind second shot over a large knoll into a green that is divided into two sections by a middle ridge - a potential Sunday pin placement on the left section. The tree at the back of the green assists with targeting for approach shots. There are two pot bunkers to be avoided, with the one to the right of the green catching missed shots produced from the tilted fairway.

Pacific Highlands

Designer: Austin TyminsLocation/Hole info: San Simeon, CAPar 4 / Blue: 448; White: 414; Red: 370 yardsA downhill medium length par four with the cliffs of the Pacific on the left. This hole is located just north of San Simeon, CA, with a predominant ocean breeze coming out of the west. The tee box that is located right on the cliffs faces toward a wide fairway that just pinches off at 256 yards with two bunkers and ends at 315 yards. The fairway has a gentle downhill slope with a slight slope from right to left. An aggressive drive over the ocean would end up past the bunkers with a nice angle to the green with an unobstructed downhill shot. A deep bunker short right of the green protects the right side of the green and forces approach shots to hug the cliffs. The back of the green curves towards the ocean, making some interesting pin placements possible.

Liberty Corner at Beavertail Links

Designer: Steven HopfenbergLocation/Hole info: Jamestown, Rhode IslandPar 5/590 yardsA challenging Par 5 hole which plays 590 yards around the point of the peninsula. The key landing areas are demarcated by ornamental plantings of Japanese Red Maples, Paper Birch and Blue Spruce creating a signature Red White & Blue theme. A panoramic view of Narragansett Bay and the scenic Beavertail Lighthouse provide a spectacular Tee. The drive is playable from 200 to 265 yards. The second shot provides opportunities even for errant balls and a choice for golfers able to shape their shots to reach the distant elevated section of the fairway, from where they can get a glimpse of the green, while those in the valley below will be blind, relying on the well defined aiming points. Native seaside grasses make for difficult but not impossible rough, while the topography of the hole helps capture runoff to sustain the water hazards.

Ireland's Cliffs of Moher

Designer: Eamon SullivanLocation: County Clare, IrelandA long par 4 stitched into rugged coastline of Ireland’s Cliffs of Moher. A risk reward hole that rewards the player who takes on the cliffs. A par on this hole is an excellent score. Large slanted fairways make placement off the tee crucial. Level lies are found closer to the cliffs while steep uneven lies are found on the left side of the fairway. A long drive can put you on the island fairway with a clear view of the green and a clear view of treacherous flashing bunker. The shorter drive leaves the player on the mainland with an uneven stance, the player must then decide whether to take on the green and a large ridge that runs before it or layup short and have a blind shot over the ridge into the green.

Teeing off on top of Rome (Par 4)

Designer: Ian BossertLocation: Vatican City, RomeA beautiful par 4 that tees off towards downtown Rome. Many players would elect not to use driver because of the severe elevation change. The pin position is what makes this hole most difficult.

The Cliffs Course

Designer: Zak KingLocation: Santa Cruz Island, CaliforniaPar 4, 460 YardsA challenging and dramatic links style Par 4 is set along 50 foot cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the California Coast Line. The hole has several different tee boxes allowing it to play up to 460 yards. The tee shot plays slightly uphill and down wind. A player can take two lines off the tee; to the right for a safer play avoiding the bunker left and long to a fairway that slopes toward the ocean, or over the Ocean to carry the distant cliff to get a closer and better angel into the green. The second shot to the green surrounded by ocean cliffs on left and behind. The green has a low area in the middle that crowns on the sides to low areas on green sides. The green can play easier in the front or very challenging in the narrow middle or back.

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