What's In My Belly


What's In My Belly

October 08, 2012

Bill Haas

AN EASY SNACKI don't eat much on the course, but my favorite thing is dried berries and nuts. A lot of golfers eat a PB&J sandwich, but I don't care to take the time to make one.See what else is in Haas' bag ⇒

Fredrik Jacobson

THE JERKY BOYSThis is a bag of venison jerky made by my surfing buddy, Bob Sailey. He's a hunter, so he sends me a baggie. I don't eat much, but it makes for a nice, solid snack at the turn.See what else is in Jacobson's bag ⇒

Adam Scott

SOFTER SIDEI like the taste of Clif Bars, plus they come in a lot of flavors. But I don't need any extra sugar so I carry the Nuun hydration tablets that I can just drop in a bottle of water.See what else is in Scott's bag ⇒

Yani Tseng

NUTTY BOOSTAlmonds are good for energy, and I love chocolate, so I like to carry these Meiji bars in my bag for a snack late in the round. Of course, sometimes they're better to eat early in the round. I wouldn't want them to melt!See what else is in Tseng's bag ⇒

Aaron Baddeley

FAMILY MANI love being with my wife and daughters. They're a big part of my life, and sometimes I'll find a hidden reminder of them in my gear, like this bag of almonds.See what else is in Baddeley's bag ⇒

Jim Furyk

ENERGY ON THE GOYou'd be surprised how important it is to get the right food in your body during the course of a round. I always carry some sort of energy bars in the bag. I especially like these Larabars.See what else is in Furyk's bag ⇒

Steve Marino

DINNER BELLOn the course, I maintain my energy with these Nuun tablets in water. Off the course, a few of us will rent a house sometimes and get Dave Walker, one of the caddies and a great chef, to cook for us.See what else is in Marino's bag ⇒

Ben Crane

STAYING HYDRATEDTo prevent dehydration, I'll take about nine of these Back Nine Lytes (electrolyte) pills during a round. I'd hate to think a poor finish was due to something so avoidable.See what else is in Crane's bag ⇒

Matt Kuchar

HEALTH NUTWith rounds taking between four and five hours, it's important to have something to snack on. I keep a bag of almonds, unsalted, on hand. They keep the hunger away, and they're good for you.See what else is in Kuchar's bag ⇒

Brittany Lincicome

SNACK ATTACKI carry plenty of food in the bag, everything from peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches to granola bars and bananas. You bet I eat them all, too!See what else is in Lincicome's bag ⇒

Ben Curtis

ENERGY RESERVESI guess these peanut butter crackers aren't the best thing for you, but granola bars and Amino Vital help me get through the back nine.See what else is in Curtis' bag ⇒

Martin Laird

A KICK FOR WATERDuring those really hot weeks, when you're drinking 10 water bottles a round, it gets boring. I need a little flavor. I'm a big fan of these electrolyte tablets.See what else is in Laird's bag ⇒

Rickie Fowler

JUST A SPLASHI love the young image of Red Bull, and I'm a fan of the drink. I carry the bottle in my bag, but you won't always find an energy drink in there.See what else is in Fowler's bag ⇒

Louis Oosthuizen

FUEL WHEN I NEED ITIt's a good idea to store a few energy bars in the bag. Sometimes I need one. It depends on what time I'm playing and how I'm feeling. There's not much else in my bag other than aspirin, scissors and plasters (what Americans call band-aids).See what else is in Oosthuizen's bag ⇒

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