What's In My Bag: Aaron Baddeley


What's In My Bag: Aaron Baddeley

August 24, 2011

LOW TECH, HIGH YIELDI don't use launch monitors. I'll get on one, but generally I can tell by the flight. If the flight's right, then it's in the ballpark. I don't need the computer to tell me it's right.ATHLETIC PUTTINGIf you play baseball or basketball, you just have one look at the target and you go. In golf, we tend to stand over the ball too long and look three, four, five times, and then let it go. So with my putting I try to take one look and then react to what I see. I'm just trying to be a little more athletic about it.

BACK TO MY GAMEThe last couple of years have been a learning process returning to my first coach, Dale Lynch, leaving the Stack & Tilt method and going back to what I did as a kid. I've been getting back to being more of a feel player, a shotmaker. It's fun to play golf now because I'm not stuck with just one shot. I can hit all the shots.

FOOTBALL FANI've been a football fan forever--not NFL, not soccer, but Aussie Rules. My team is the Geelong Cats, and I've used this coin to mark my ball. It was great seeing them win those premierships in 2007 and 2009.

KOALA COVERThe name of my koala headcover is Tobu. It's Japanese for "to fly." Daphne's Headcovers sells them, and the proceeds go to the Australian Koala Foundation.

TWO, NOT THREEThere are two blue dots on my Titleist Pro V1x. I used to do three, but when I played a junior event here in 1998, the first player I met had three dots, too. So I switched and have done the same ever since.

RULES ISSUELast year, I got one of those penalties where you drop the ball on the coin and it moves. I got a little paranoid, so I've been using the markers that you can stick in the ground like this one from Augusta. Now, I don't worry about it moving.

FAMILY MANI love being with my wife and daughters. They're a big part of my life, and sometimes I'll find a hidden reminder of them in my gear, like this bag of almonds.

DRIVERI've used a 10.5-degree driver for 10 years. My current model is an Adams Speedline Fast 10. I've used both the Accra DyMatch S3-75 shaft, X-flex, and the True Temper Project X X8A4 graphite, 7.0 flex (44½ inches long).

3-WOODI started playing the Adams Speedline F11 (15 degrees, True Temper Project X X8A2 graphite, 7.0 flex) early this year.

5-WOODI didn't grow up using hybrids, so they never really got in my bag. I prefer this 5-wood, an Adams Insight (18.5 degrees, Accra SC 95 shaft, X-flex).

WEDGESI play a 56-degree Adams Puglielli and a 60-degree Titleist Vokey Design. I opt for a slightly softer shaft on these for feel (True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue, S400).

IRONSI carry 3-iron through pitching wedge Adams Idea Pro Black prototype irons (True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue shafts, X100, 4 degrees upright), but sometimes I'll add a 2-iron. My grips are Lamkin Crossline Tour Midsize.

PUTTERMy putter has been around so long it's got a little rust on the face. It's a Scotty Cameron by Titleist Newport (35 inches, 4 degrees of loft).

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