The Greatest Show On Turf


The Greatest Show On Turf

March 11, 2014

Tournament organizers estimated 563,008 people attended the Waste Management Phoenix Open at TPC Scottsdale this year.

Too much of a good thing? Perhaps.

The international sign for "you're not that interesting."

A lifeguard at the Greenskeeper VIP area, which was new in 2014.

Even after the action was over, some didn't feel the need to rush out.

The 16th hole featured no shortage of characters.

The 16th hole wasn't the most conducive environment for kids.

Whenever a golfer would play it safe off the tee and not go at the tucked pin, the crowd would start chanting "safety!" and put their hands together like an NFL referee. Players often felt the pressure to go for it as a result.

The before . . .

. . . and the after.

Fans in Loudmouth pants couldn't be missed.

Extra protection against errant tee shots . . . and other fans.

It's the little things in life.

Players on the green performed before a different audience than they're accustomed to most weeks on tour.

For instance, you don't see a lot of this at the Masters.

The 16th hole required a fleet of trucks to deliver food and drinks.

The perfect golf course footwear.

As opposed to the perfect "dancing on hay" footwear.

This guy wasn't really a caddie. And this wasn't his first name.

Rivers Cuomo of Weezer, which played at the Birds Nest on Friday night.

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