WAGS at the PGA


WAGS at the PGA

August 07, 2014

Pablo Larrazabal gets a kiss from his girlfriend, Gala Alten, on the seventh hole during Tuesday's practice round.

Amanda Dufner is seen during the first round prior to Jason Dufner's withdrawal from the tournament.

Sergio Garcia rides with fiancee Katharina Boehm during Wednesday's practice round.

Dawn Davenport, wife of club pro Johan Kok, celebrates her husband's third-place finish in the PGA Championship long drive contest.

Keegan Bradley's girlfriend Jillian Stacey photographed her muddy J's as rain fell at Valhalla.

Rory McIlroy's father, Gerry, talks with Pablo Larrazabal's girlfriend, Gala Alten, during Tuesday's practice round.

Defending champion Jason Dufner and his wife Amanda attend the PGA Champions dinner.

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