It’s absurd how much 2017 Masters merchandise you can buy on eBay


It’s absurd how much 2017 Masters merchandise you can buy on eBay

April 08, 2017

Arnie's Army Pin

The Masters handed out this pin for free to patrons, but that's not stopping one, um, "entrepreneur" from trying to capitalize on the handout. Price: $100

Frosted Glasses

What better way to drink in Augusta National, literally and figuratively? Price: $54

Hat Clip

Don't know about you, but I lose half my ball marks when I'm playing, eventually finding them in my washing machine. Eliminate that problem with this ball-mark hat clip. Price: $18

Performance Socks

What makes Augusta apparel so special is showing off the club's adored logo to your friends. You can't really do that with these socks. But hey, you'll know it's there, which I suppose is something. Price: $35

Jigsaw Puzzle

Few players have figured out the puzzle Augusta National presents...but with this game, you'll be able to solve the enigma! (Rimshot) Price: $72

Peter Millar shirt

Need a colorful shirt for Easter? Look no further. It will only cost you next month's rent. Price: $224


For decoration or your makeshift pin in your backyard. Price: $42


Be careful wearing this bad boy to a business presentation. Observers might hone in on the insignia, day dreaming of the greener-than-green pastures of Augusta National and totally miss that kickass powerpoint you made on your company's third-quarter projections. Price: $145

Pet bowl

Little Rufus likely has no idea what the Masters is. That's okay; he doesn't know why you put a mini-jacket or reindeer antlers on him, either. Price: $30


Does your significant other complain about the lack of artistic decor your in humble abode? Shut them up in style with this poster of No. 12. Price: $70


In terms of gravitas, the 17th lacks the fame held by fellow back-nine holes like the 12th, 13th, 15th or 16th. But everyone loves those layouts. Show your diehard spirit with this pin commemorating "Nandina." Price: $24


All tumblers are the same, right? WRONG. At least, that's the argument this logo-laden tumbler makes. Price: $30


No word if Jim Nantz receives royalties for this item. Price: $18


Can a backpack be cool? This bag answers that hypothetical with a resounding "yes." Price: $109.

Retro hat

Wear this type of hat to the course and you'll get ridiculed. Wear this hat with the Masters logo and you'll be the envy of every player. Price: $50


The highest amount I've spent on pants hovers around $30. That I almost dropped over $100 on a belt to hold them up shows you how much I love this tournament. Price: $130


Who said the printed word is dead? Price: $30

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