The King

Here's a bunch of curious Arnold Palmer memorabilia you can buy on eBay

If you're the ultimate fan of the King, you might want to add one of these to your collection

To see the staggering number of Arnold Palmer-autographed items available on eBay, your first reaction should be concern for Palmer's right hand. My goodness. How does he not have chronic carpal tunnel syndrome? But it's not just the volume of items Palmer has signed. It's also the variety. Take it from us.


Autographed pictures

Autographed pictures
The autographed Palmer picture is like cereal at the supermarket: more choices than you can comprehend. This one with Jack Nicklaus from 1965 can be yours for $1,450.
There are so many Palmer-signed Masters flags available, you'd be excused if you thought his signature was part of the Augusta National logo. This one from Tiger Woods' win in 1997 is one of the most expensive at $2,495.

Arnold Palmer signature clubs

Arnold Palmer signature clubs
There are a number of options for Arnold Palmer signature clubs, including this set from 1954 that will run you $3,599.

Leroy Neiman painting

Palmer has inspired all sorts of art. This Leroy Neiman limited edition print ain't cheap at $9,300.
Here's another interpretation of Palmer from artist Bill Lopa, which has a bit of a cubist vibe. You can have it over your fireplace for only $1,500!

Arnold Palmer Wilson shag bag

Quite possibly our favorite retro Palmer item, maybe because shag bags themselves are kind of retro. This one is $1,500 and a bit weathered, but that sort of adds to its appeal.

Palmer-signed Penn. license plate.

A signed license plate from the Keystone State's pride and joy will only cost you $449. The only thing more Pennsylvania in nature is that statue of Franco Harris at the Pittsburgh airport.

Arnold Palmer-signed Arnold Palmer shoe

Did you know Palmer had his own line of shoes? You can have this one for $399. Unfortunately it's only one, so you need to either get a left shoe that looks a lot like it, or keep it on the shelf for display purposes.

Arnold Palmer action figure

This 12-inch Palmer action figure is available for $24.99. Notice how the left hand grips the club only, leaving the right hand available for repeated thumbs ups to his fans.