Jordan Spieth's 11 Steps To Winning The Grand Slam


Jordan Spieth's 11 Steps To Winning The Grand Slam

July 07, 2015

Make sure you win the Masters and the U.S. Open. Oh wait, you've already done that? Great. Well done. Let's move on.

The Grand Slam is the most daunting challenge in golf, and maybe even in sports. Jordan Spieth is halfway there, but the hardest part is still in front of him. Good news, though: we're providing a bulletproof plan

Don't rupture a ligament in your ankle playing soccer. In fact, let's go with no soccer at all. Checkers? Fine, you can play checkers.

Stay out of the Road Hole bunker. In fact, don't even think about the Road Hole bunker. Forget we said anything.

Don't have your Saturday tee time coincide with monsoon-like conditions. We're imagining you don't control this sort of thing, but who knows. You're on quite a roll.

Spend as much time as possible around Miguel Angel Jimenez. Get close to the guy. He oozes confidence. Then again, be leery of second-hand smoke.

Bask in all the history that is St. Andrews. But not too much basking. As a rule, basking should be limited to 90 minutes a day.

Practice your three-footers.

Whatever you do, don't play in the John Deere Classic and show up all bleary-eyed from playing a golf course that will be nothing like the one you're about to play. Oh, too late? OK, never mind.

Two words: no haggis.

Play a practice round with Tiger and soak up everything he has to offer. Just make sure it's "two-time winner at St. Andrews" Tiger and not "Don't watch him chip" Tiger.

Follow John Daly around, too. The guy won an Open here in 1995. Then take note of everything Daly does in between rounds and do exactly the opposite.

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