Three steps to visualize great shots


Three steps to visualize great shots

June 13, 2007

1.) Align the clubface

Bob Toski and I started teaching in the Golf Digest Schools more than 30 years ago, and his thoughts on the swing and playing the game dramatically influence my approach. Here's something he told me early on, and it holds true today: Your eyes commit your mind and body to the target, your hands feel the club, and your feet feel the ground.Golf is different from many other sports in that you start from a static position. It's not reactionary, like hitting a baseball or tennis ball. You have too much time to think about swing mechanics, a sure killer of good shots. Here's how Bob made golf a reactionary game.

2.) Set your feet

Still looking at your target, put your feet in position and let your arms hang down in a relaxed manner. Waggle the club with a light grip pressure to enhance your feel for the clubhead.

3.) React to the target

Feel the ground, so your feet, legs and body are dynamic. You're reacting to the target. Now, while keeping in motion, swing the clubhead back and deliver it to the ball.

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