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Harry Campbell

Golf Digest Tested: Hot List
Why a Driver Fitting Matters

Our test found 23 yards you're missing

Golf World
An Inconvenient Truth

Someday, possibly soon, a top manufacturer will bring nonconforming clubs to market. How will its competitors and consumers react to such a move?

Golf World
An Outside The Box Proposal

Two Ivy League profs say it's time to bring a little science to the Official World Golf Ranking

The Honeymoon's Over

Golf appeared to be isolated from the performance-enhancing drug scandals that have marred other sports, but the news of a player's suspension now says otherwise

Tip Of The Iceberg?

Doug Barron's suspension for performance-enhancing drugs leads to more questions than answers. For one, is this an isolated incident or evidence of a widespread problem?

Twist & Shout

Are adjustable drivers better than time on the range?

Golf Tech: Steroids In Golf?

Forget the old image of muscleheaded maniacs: In today's climate, here's why the tours plan to test.

Golf Tech: Drivers, Downloads + Drugs

Technology today raises some game-changing issues