Putt For Dough

This Arizona home for sale has a nine-hole putting green right in the living room

They say home is where the heart is, but it’s also where a bunch of other weird stuff is too. From toilets on the stairs to tasteful sex dungeons, if you can dream it up, somebody already has it installed. That's what gave birth to Zillowgonewild, an Instagram account dedicated to the strangest real estate listings in America with over 1.5 millions followers and counting. On Monday, however, it wasn’t dinosaur sculptures in the front yard or interesting bedroom signage that captured America’s imagination, however. It was a nine-hole putting green right in the living room.

We’ve seen plenty of at-home putting complexes over the years. We’ve even seen a private Las Vegas bomb shelter outfitted with some synthetic moss, but never before have we’ve seen one right there in the living room. You open the front door and BAM, it’s right there, mocking you. You come from a long day of work and WHAM, you have to walk across someone’s line to get to the kitchen. At first blush, it seems like a dream. Upon closer inspection, it’s a nightmare.

That said, if it’s your kind of nightmare, the four-bed, 4,044-square-foot Phoenix spread—which also comes outfitted with an in-ground pool for those rare moments when you’re not inside grinding three-footers—can be had for a cool $1,022,900. That's no small chunk of change, but with those Phoenix Open Airbnb rates being what they are, you’ll make your money back in no time.