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Enjoy the apocalypse in style with this spectacular $18 million Vegas bomb shelter that comes with a putting green

February 13, 2019

An often overlooked aspect of preparing for the apocalypse are activities. Sure, you can stock up on all the Spaghettios you want, but what are you going to do to pass the time when the end of the world comes? Well, other than stuffing your face with Spaghettios.

But a spectacular bunker in Las Vegas that has been put on the market solves that problem in a variety of ways. Most notably with a pool and a putting green. And the price of turning a potential doomsday scenario into a great time—At least, until you run out of Spaghettios. And water—is $18 million.

Forbes recently brought attention to this one-of-a-kind listing that's located beneath a townhouse two miles east of the Vegas Strip and known as the Las Vegas Underground House. However, calling it a "house," is quite the undersell. Made out of concrete and steel and built 26 feet beneath the ground's surface, the property is a massive 14,620 square feet.

The property was built in the 1970s by entrepreneur Girard B. “Jerry” Henderson, who lived underground because he feared the Cold War would end the world. Let's look at some photos, courtesy of As mentioned, here's the pool/putting green area:


And here's another look at the putting green that will have your short game in terrific shape if the apocalypse ever ends:


There's lighting that simulates different times of the day:


There's a bar and an outdoor area to entertain all your guests (Although, you probably won't have too many people dropping by during a nuclear war. . .)


But you'll probably want to do something about this kitchen:


And this bathroom:


Again, this place was built in the 70s. But overall, for a bunker, not too shabby.