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Psychology professor puts sweet mini golf course on the roof of her vacation home

January 18, 2018

Parents everywhere, listen up. You want your children to come visit you more? Try putting a mini golf course on your roof.

That's exactly what one smart mom, Jean Rhodes, did this past summer by installing a nine-hole course on the rooftop of her vacation home in Long Beach Island, N.J. We know Rhodes is smart because she's a psychology professor (Mind tricks!) at the University of Massachusetts, and The Wall Street Journal recently ran a story on her sweet setup. Have a look:


Man, that looks fun. And like any mini golf course worth its salt, Rhodes' course has a theme (she went with "nautical") and a windmill. Well done.

According to Rhodes, the project took a few weeks, cost about $21,000, and was carried out by a carpenter, who has since started building mini golf greens as a side gig. So if you're thinking about installing one yourself and you want it to look that good we recommend you seek professional help -- and not the kind Dr. Rhodes offers.

Oh yeah, we also recommend 18 holes. But if you can't quite swing that, nine like these should do the trick.