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You want absolutely no part of 53-year-old Mike Tyson’s latest training video

Mike Tyson is back. At least according to Mike Tyson’s Instagram. Over the last several weeks, the former most terrifying human on earth has gone from portly has-been to a lean, mean knockout machine, documenting every step of his jaw-dropping transformation on social media. The rumored charity bout with Evander Holyfield has lost some steam and we have no better idea why Tyson is doing all of this now than when he started getting shredded this spring, but judging by this latest Drago-esque training montage, whatever it is, whenever it comes, Tyson will be ready.

We promise you. No matter how big, tough, stupid, or strong you are, you want absolutely no part of Iron Mike, Champions Tour eligibility or no. But don’t take our word for it, just ask Odell Beckham Jr. for some reason.


Thanks Odell!

Tyson posted this video midday on Monday and it already has 3.4 million views. The public appetite for a Tyson comeback is real and strong. Conor McGregor is retired (again). Deontay Wilder has been found out. Tyson Fury is pudgy and Vasyl Lomachenko and Anthony Joshua lack the necessary American-ness to break through. This country needs the catharsis of bloody combat sports right now and have thus turned to an old frenemy for fulfillment. Judging by this latest clip, Tyson won’t disappoint, but don't hold your breath. You remember what happened the last time, don't you?