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You really hate to see Notre Dame's 273-game home sellout streak come to an end this weekend

November 14, 2019

Icon Sportswire

To steal the conceit of Drew Magary's iconic "Why Your Team Sucks" series (RIP): Many people are fans of Notre Dame. A great many more are not. So while this is sure to ruffle some good, God-fearin' feathers in the Middle West, we are absolutely, sickeningly giddy to announce that for the first time since Thanksgiving 1973, a Notre Dame home game will not be a sellout this weekend. Mr. Seinfeld, if you'd be so kind ...


The heartbreaking news comes on the heels of yet another fizzling season for Brian Kelly's Fighting Folding Irish. After surging out of the blocks, including a moral victory on the road at Georgia back in September, the Irish have stumbled once again. Three weeks ago, their season effectively came to end with a 45-14 blowout loss to Michigan and the South Bend faithful, for the first time in nearly half a century, have finally made their dissatisfaction felt.

Eerily enough, Notre Dame—which faces a top-25 Navy team this weekend—last failed to sell out a home game against a fellow service academy foe in Air Force. But wait, it gets even better! Here's AD Jack Swarbrick on the crisis:

“Based on ticket sales through Wednesday, we do not anticipate sellouts for our games against Navy and Boston College. That this comes during a time of sustained success for our football program reflects both challenges impacting the ticket market nationwide and the unique dynamics of this year’s schedule.”

Wow, you know it's tough times when Notre Dame can't even move tickets to the annual Meineke Catholicism Bowl.


Kevin C. Cox

But surprisingly enough, this is not the end of college football's longest active home sellout streak. That instead belongs to Nebraska, at a whopping 373 games and counting. The way Scott Frost's Cornhusker turnaround is trending, however, even that incredible run could soon be coming to an end. As they say on the Internet, you reallllyyy hate to see it.