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The Michigan lineman who went full 'Blind Side' on a Notre Dame player is our college football star of the week

In retrospect, we should have known it wasn't going to be Michigan's year when it took them two overtimes to beat Army, but a 35-14 beatdown at the hands of Wisconsin the following week really drove the point home. With Iowa, Penn State, Notre Dame and Ohio State still on the schedule, a second loss was not only likely, it was inevitable. The hope for Wolverine fans was that they could at least save that second loss for the Buckeyes.

Instead, Michigan lost in crushing fashion last week at Penn State, thus removing a ton of juice from Saturday's matchup with Notre Dame. It was still a big game, but not a "College GameDay"-worthy game and certainly not a "cancel all my plans" to watch type of game.

That turned out to be a blessing in disguise for those who did something else with their Saturday night, because ND-Michigan, which won't happen again until 2033, was an absolute slop fest. The Wolverines crushed Notre Dame 45-14 in the pouring rain, ending the Irish's playoff hopes and giving Jim Harbaugh his first impressive victory in awhile. It was a dominant effort from Michigan, and one play summed it all up. In the second half, with the game already in hand, our college football star of the week Stephen Spanellis went full "Blind Side" on a Notre Dame defender, nearly driving him into the stands before finally pancaking him on the sideline:

This play was a metaphor for the whole night. Michigan took Notre Dame's season and buried it six feet under. All the Irish fans that were pumped up because they "hung" with Georgia are now calling for Brian Kelly's head, which feels like the millionth time that's happened. Thankfully, they are out of the playoff discussion, which saves the college football world from having to watch them get murdered by Alabama or Clemson again. For that, Michigan, we thank you.

Honorable Mentions

Bryan Edwards

The South Carolina wideout made what many people were calling the catch of the year. You be the judge:

Pretty damn good. Unfortunately, this was the last TD the Gamecocks scored, and they went on to lose 41-21... to Tennessee. Yikes.

The Ohio State band

I have nothing snarky to say about this. This is so impressive it's insane.

ACC refs

Just kidding. ACC refs are trash, though they still may be a close second to Pac 12 refs. You haven't truly hated an official until you have the over in a Pac 12 after dark game and the refs are throwing flags on every play.

The creator of this "College GameDay" sign

Facts only.

Mack Brown

As long as Mack keeps dancing, we will continue to give him an honorable mention.