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You can bet on Jennifer Lopez's "butt cleavage" at Super Bowl halftime show, because you can bet on anything

September 27, 2019

If you happen to be friends with Alex Rodriguez, it's time to work that connection. You see, A-Rod's fiancée, Jennifer Lopez, will perform with Shakira at February's Super Bowl halftime show, and there are some OUTRAGEOUS prop bets involving the two entertainers. And having the inside scoop on Jenny From The Block's wardrobe that night could put you on your way to buying your own block. released a list of props way (WAY) ahead of the big break at the Big Game in Miami and you can bet on stuff like whether the two singers will show cleavage, what language they'll sing in, and if J-Lo will display some, um, but cleavage. That's right, butt cleavage. Apparently, you really can bet on anything these days. Anyway, here's a look at the wild wagers available:

Who will show cleavage during performance? (Clear and visible separation of breasts)
J-Lo only: 4-5 (+125)
Shakira only: 3-2 (+150)
Neither cleavage: 2-1 (+200)
Both 5-1 (+500)

Seriously, how do they come up with these? And how is "Both" so low? That might be the best value bet I've ever seen.

Will J-Lo show butt cleavage?
Yes: 1-3 (-300)
No: 2-1 (+200)

Again, how?! And LOL to "Yes" being such a big favorite. Then again, we're talking about a popstar who had a hit single titled, "Booty."

Will there be a wardrobe malfunction? (Nipple must be seen)
Yes: 2-1 (+200)
No: 1-3 (-300)

There is NO way that's happening again! Janet Jackson never recovered from that! And J-Lo just turned 50. Have you seen her? She's got at least another 25 years left in her career.

Will J.Lo do the Shakira hip shake?
Yes: 2-3 (-150)
No: 11-10 (+110)

Considering how much gyrating J-Lo does on the stage in general, this seems like it will be tough to judge. I'd hate to see anyone lose on a technicality, so let's stay away.

Will Shakira and J-Lo kiss?
Yes: 7-1 (+700)
No: 1-15 (-1500)

Ah, a nod to the famous smooch between Madonna and Britney Spears. Just a guess, but that's probably not going to happen again. Also just a guess, but you probably wouldn't have seen this prop between Bruno Mars and Bono.

Will Shakira and J-Lo both sing in Spanish?
Yes: 1-5 (-500)
No: 3-1 (+300)

Seems like a lock.

Then there were three other prop bets involving other entertainers:

Will Enrique Iglesias make an appearance on stage?
Yes: 2-1 (+200)
No: 1-3 (-300)

Will Jay-Z be shown during broadcast?
Yes: 3-2 (+150)
No: 1-2 (-200)

Will "Miami" by Will Smith be performed as a cover?
Yes: 3-2 (+150)
No: 1-2 (-200)

Wait, "YES" is an underdog in that last bet?! Forget about tracking down A-Rod. That's where the real money will be made.