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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez (maybe) expertly troll Phil Mickelson on Instagram

June 21, 2018

Jennifer Lopez upgraded from a mansion without a mini golf course to one with a mini golf course last year. But while that was a no-brainer, it doesn't seem like she's been practicing her putting.

On Wednesday, boyfriend Alex Rodriguez shared a clip on Instagram of Lopez badly missing a putt. Hey, they call her Jenny from the Block, not Jenny Bobby Locke, am I right? Sorry, that's a bad golf joke even by bad golf joke standards. Anyway, Lopez compounded her weak attempt by hurrying after her putt and taking a swipe at her golf ball while it was still moving -- and missing again. Sound familiar? Have a look:

Not quite Phil Mickelson's raking form, but good effort. Then again, there probably wasn't a hidden message behind the video considering this celebrity couple has no problem posting embarrassing stuff on social media. Here's a video Rodriguez shared of the two getting lost driving in a golf cart the same day:

Just a couple regular folks in snazzy track suits and shades needing to ask for directions to their exclusive vacation rental estate, huh? But if the putting video was a shot at Phil Mickelson(the timing is pretty good), that is some A-plus trolling by A-Rod. And J-Lo (side). Sorry, there we go with the bad golf jokes again. . .