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Yasiel Puig wears shirt of himself fighting the Pirates, becomes instant Cincinnati legend

Cincinnati isn't exactly flush with sports heroes. The closest thing they have, Pete Rose, is blacklisted for the rest of eternity, and the rest of the list is populated by lovable but ultimately underwhelming cult favorites like Boomer and Ickey and Joey. Yasiel Puig has been in town for a veritable cup of coffee skyline chili, but he already looks well on his way to legend status after not only attempting to fight the entire city of Pittsburgh earlier this month, but then wearing a shirt of the brawl's most indelible image to BP on Tuesday. Reds fans, have you ever seen something so beautiful?


Like the city of Cincinnati (and the Let-The-Kids-Play baseball community as a whole), Derek Dietrich—who sparked the whole dust-up by staring down a homer off Chris Archer—is 115% on-board with Puig's new drip. Best of all, however, you don't have to be Puig to don this incredible moment in Cincy sports history. The so-called El Guerrero Rojo ("The Red Warrior") graphic is available on both ringer t-shirt and 3/4-sleeve raglan from Cincy Shirts for $25 and $27 respectively. The cease-and-desist from the MLB is surely coming, though, so make sure to grab yours while you still legally can.

In the meantime, the Reds front office really needs to get on the horn with the good folks over the Sistine Chapel about a new ceiling fresco. Michaelangelo is just soooo 1508.