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World Cup star N'Golo Kante misses last train home, stops at fan's house for dinner and game of FIFA

September 17, 2018
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There was no shortage of sports heroes doing heroic sports stuff this weekend. Ryan Fitzmagic arrived to his post-game press conference dressed like Conor McGregor on laundry day. A kid from North Texas faked a fair catch and took it to the house. Zlatan roundhoused his way to 500 career goals. The weekly GOAT crown—in addition to two Premier League titles and one shiny new World Cup trophy—however, belongs to a far unlikelier recipient: Chelsea's unassuming one-man engine-room N'Golo Kante, who after missing the last train to Paris on Saturday following the Blues 4-1 drubbing of Cardiff City, Googled a local mosque for evening prayers. Then something awesome happened.

Recognized by a few local fans, Kante was quickly invited back to their home for a nice curry, a game of FIFA, and a little Match of the Day (essentially Britain's equivalent of Football Night in America). Kante, to probably everyone's surprise, accepted, leading to one of the coolest professional-athletes-being-normal-people threads in recent memory. Here's how it all went down:

Suffice to say, Kante is quickly earning a reputation as sports' nicest dude, especially when you consider that one of his hosts goes by @abz_gooner on Twitter, a tribute to crosstown rivals Arsenal, who Chelsea beat 3-2 last moth. But don't worry, Kante was nice about that too: