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North Texas return man fakes out entire Arkansas punt team, scores one of the TDs of the year

September 15, 2018

The Arkansas football program has had its fair share of low points in recent years. Enough of them to make Razorbacks fans believe that there is nowhere to go but up for new head coach Chad Morris. On Saturday, at home against North Texas, the Hogs may have hit rock bottom.

Already down 7-0 halfway through the first quarter, Arkansas punted it away from the North Texas 37-yard-line on 4th-and-10. The chances of punt returner Keegan Brewer actually catching the punt and returning it without first calling a fair catch are slim, and you're really just looking to pin them inside their own 10 in this situation, worst case they get a touch back. Brewer made the catch at the 10-yard-line with heavy traffic in his face as four Razorback defenders zeroed in on him. They and everyone else watching at home and in the stadium, must have assumed Brewer called for a fair catch. He did not:

Football IQ through the freaking roof from Brewer, who had the presence of mind to first know that the 10-yard-line is actually decent field position because the ball likely bounces forward and pins the Mean Green offense inside their own five, and then the brilliant idea to be as coy as possible as he waited to start running. Good job by the refs to not blow the whistle and assume he made the fair catch too, thus robbing us of what could go down as the touchdown of the year. North Texas football, catch the fever! No seriously, they are like sneaky good and could move to 3-0 if they take down the Razorbacks as a 5.5-point underdog.