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Bills mafia tailgates banning table slamming, outrageous drunk behavior in a huge blow to NFL's most fun fanbase

September 15, 2018

This isn't an RIP to Bills Mafia, but consider this a huge blow to the rowdy, raucous and ridiculous behavior that occurs in upstate New York for every Buffalo Bills game. Tailgaters at Buffalo Bills have become legends on social media—meeting new heights of table-crushing, dizzy-batting and beer-chugging.

According to Buffalo's NBC affiliate WRGZ, Erie County Sheriff's deputies have outlawed slamming people through tables, and they are looking to eliminate excessive consumption of alcohol and checking for glass bottles. These sound like normal regulations for a football tailgate. But not in Buffalo. There are finally rules.

We're disappointed at this news for a number of reasons. Surely, there are ticket-buyers who purchased tickets to a Bills game, for the sole purpose of experiencing what has become known as Bills Mafia for its tailgating prowess. But The Loop is in the content business, and if you're a football fan on social media, odds are you have been wildly entertained by Bills fans throwing themselves through tables over the past couple of years.

To be fair, fans will likely continue this behavior. Cops can't monitor all tables from being destroyed, right? You'll just have to be a little more discrete with your table-slamming activities in Buffalo. Probably good news for the well-being of the population of Buffalo, but not for anyone who has been entertained by Bills Mafia activity.

OK, this is a semi-RIP to Bills Mafia as we once knew it. We'll see if they can persevere.