How to incorporate runway fashion trends into your golf style

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June 22, 2023

The golf style world is well into its rebranding renaissance, with high-fashion brands such as Georges Wendell bringing golf looks to the runways and celebrities like Nick Jonas, Kevin Hart and Macklemore teaming with sportswear designers to create new and innovative on-course looks. Meanwhile, niche golf lifestyle brands like Malbon, Radmor, Students and Public Drip are finding cult audiences with their street-style-inspired, sustainably constructed visions for golf fashion or funky, accessibility-minded alternatives. With so many up-and-coming and classic brands to choose from, we’ve broken down a few of the most memorable trends as seen on the runways this season and created this guide for translating those looks to the course.
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Trend: Wild Animal Prints

Runway Inspiration: Schiaparelli at Paris Fashion Week

The avant-garde European design house, Schiaparelli, caused quite the stir when it sent models donning life-size animal heads, worn like oversized brooches, down its runways. Turns out, despite the incredibly realistic appearance, these lion, leopard and wolf heads were thankfully not real, but rather handmade couture replicas. While you are more than welcome to hand-stitch a faux mallard duck’s face to your polo, here are a few less … hands-on approaches to sporting wildlife-inspired motifs on the course.


Giovanni Giannoni

Trend: Gilded Accents of Meta-Metal

Runway Inspiration: Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2023

An extremely memorable look from Louis Vuitton’s latest collection was a poofy, funkily silhouetted two-piece set with two ginormous metal zippers on the bodice and matching skirt. Seriously, the zippers were larger than the model’s head. Other looks featured huge buckles as prints and buttons so large they could keep your whole life together. To take this shiny and totally meta trend on to the greens, we’ve rounded up some stud-worthy looks with all the glitz and glam you can pile on—while still being able to swing seamlessly (and quietly).



Trend: The Classic Skirt Suit

Runway Inspiration: Chanel

Lovers of classic golf style enjoy the sport’s silhouettes for its tailored lines, elegant collars and versatility (after all, being able to transition from the course to the clubhouse in one fell swoop has always been golf fashion’s claim to fame). This makes the skirt-suit trend, a revisit of the classic women’s outfit, so perfect here. Whether you’re making the most of the resurgence of knitted polos or the street-style aficionado’s love for the matching sport set, these two-piece partners in crime have all the polished, fun, nostalgic, pulled-together-vibes of the skirt suit—while keeping performance at the forefront.


Trend: Bubblegum Bursts

Runway Inspiration: Giambattista Valli

There is something so hopeful about a pastel. They’re warm and sunny, but not too vivacious, always flattering and extremely versatile. They’re associated with wonderful things, like sugary candies, springtime flowers and the colors of sunsets. When Giambattista Valli paired this peaceful palette with his eye-catching, frosting-like gowns, cascading and bursting with excess fabric, you can’t help but feel like everything will be alright, that good times are ahead. And who doesn’t need a little reminder of calm on the course every now and then? Plus, these bubblegum looks are fabulous on their own paired with anything neutral in your closet, or punched up with an existing, more saturated piece in your wardrobe.


Trend: Wildflower Red

Runway Inspiration: Valentino

After a series of looks in beige and cream, Italian design house Valentino’s latest collection burst alive colorfully with a focus on the color red. These poppy-hued looks radiated fervor, passion, strength and love, all nouns so often mentioned when talking about the joys and tribulations of this great sport. So, for a bold course look, try out any of these fiery pieces, and you just might find that your swing takes on a little extra steam too.

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