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Fan shows up to WM Phoenix Open in wedding dress. We have questions

February 08, 2024

We've seen some absolutely crazy sh-t at the WM Phoenix Open over the years. The streaker of 2023, beer showers for holes-in-one and the (naked) streaker of 2018 are a few moments that instantly jump to mind. At this point, nothing that happens at TPC Scottsdale would surprise us.

Or so we thought.

On Thursday morning, PGA Tour Live cameras captured something we definitely didn't have on the ol' bingo card for the 2024 edition of the WMPO - a young man arriving to the tournament in a wedding dress. Listen, it's 2024. We're not judging. But we still do have a few questions:

As you can hear, one PGATL commentator pondered whether or not this might be the product of a last-place fantasy football punishment, which is certainly plausible. But again, it is 2024. My man could simply be out there living his truth. 

One thing we know for sure is that this thing is likely getting tossed after one use:


Hope that thing was cheap.