Well Played

Max Homa delivers all-time quote about looking forward to attending the WM Phoenix Open as a fan

February 08, 2024

Michael Reaves

Max Homa is one of the favorites at this week's WM Phoenix Open, and for good reason. Not only is he one of the best golfers on the planet, but the Scottsdale resident is also sleeping in HIS OWN BED. More importantly, so is his kid after a rough week at Pebble Beach in which they lost power in their rental house.

The point is, you're going to see Max playing in this tournament for as long as he's on the PGA Tour. But once he hangs up his spikes, it sounds like you'll still see him among the (rowdy) crowds at TPC Scottsdale.

Check out this funny exchange Homa had with a reporter on the eve of the tournament known as the Greatest Show on Grass.

Q. Did you ever come here as a fan?

MAX HOMA: I did not, no. I will say that the year I retire you will find me here. I will be having a great time.

Q. Where will you sit or where will you go?

MAX HOMA: That's a really good question. Wherever the liquid takes me, I think.

"Wherever the liquid takes me." That's good.

We can only imagine an elderly Homa clad in a Dodgers jersey and double fisting a couple Bud Lights while youngins ask him things like, "What was it like meeting Tiger Woods?' and "Who is Kershaw?" Again, we're a long way off from that, but it's good to know Max will have something to do when he's retired.