124th U.S. Open

Pinehurst No. 2

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Wind gust blows Justin Rose's ball five feet from the hole as British Masters continues its wacky streak

The British Masters, much like you're drunk, middle-aged single uncle at Thanksgiving, has gone completely off the rails. It's moved well past the "oh he's only three Miller Lites deep and cracking questionable jokes" phase and gone straight to the "TRUMP/KANYE 2020" phase after all you did was ask him to pass the gravy. Case in point, this massive wind gust blowing a long Justin Rose putt about six feet from the hole, robbing him of a tap-in:

Seriously, what is going on in England? We've seen a pair of driver-off-the-deck shots on the SAME HOLE on consecutive days both roll within three feet of the cup. And one of them was by Rose!

The other was from Andy Sullivan, who nearly holed it for an albatross:

Soon after that, we witnessed Harry Potter levels of wizardry when Eddie Pepperell aced the par-3 ninth:

And now we've got huge wind gusts rolling Rose's ball right of the cup on a left-breaking putt. It's absolute madness, and pretty unfair to the world's best tournament host, who currently sits 10 shots back of the man he's provided five-star service for all week. Where's the good karma? Maybe it'll come in the third and final rounds at Walton Heath, which have now become must-watch television on the off chance something even wackier happens, if that's even possible.