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Justin Rose is arguably the world's best golfer, but clearly the world's best tournament host

October 11, 2018

Justin Rose has a chance to officially hold the title of world's best golfer again this week. No matter how he plays, though, he's already established himself as the tournament host with the most.

Playing this ceremonial role at the European Tour's British Masters, Rose began the week by leaving tasty gifts at each player's locker.

Tasty is an understatement. Seriously, if you haven't had a Cadbury milk chocolate bar in the UK, it's worth a transatlantic flight. I've been told there's something the Brits are allowed to do with the milk that regulations prevent in the U.S. and whatever it is. . . wow. Just wow.

Anyway, apparently this melt-in-your-mouth chocolate goodness wasn't enough for one player. Eddie Pepperell responded to Rose with a rather specific request:

Fruit & nut?! When plain is so good?! What an odd request. But Rose being the gracious guy he is delivered (Although, he didn't come through on Pepperell's other request for toothpaste):

Wow, what a guy. Talk about taking care of your peeps. Pepperell, of course, appreciated the generous gesture:

And then he went out and played a three-hole stretch in five under during the first round that included one of the craziest holes-in-one you'll ever see. Can't be a coincidence. Again, that chocolate is a life-changer.

UPDATE: Rose quickly gave Pepperell a little something for his ace as well:

Even 5-star hotels could learn a thing or two about service from this guy.