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Wife forces husband to sell his custom Oakland Raiders Camaro for $1,800

February 15, 2018

If you're looking for a spare room in an apartment full of vampires, an unpaid internship at Pyramid Scheme LLC, or a drummer named Braun for your new jazz metal band, Craigslist has always been the place to go. But as the sketchy exchange backwater turns 23, it also has become something no one, not even Craig himself, could have anticipated: A snapshot of America's failing marriage complex.

We've already introduced you to the poor sap who was forced to sell his clubs down the river to save a marriage to another human being who doesn't support their partner's hobbies and passions (god speed, buddy), but today our search takes us to Sacramento, where one woman has taken upon it herself to put her husband's cherished money pit—a 1979 Chevy Camaro bedecked in custom Raiders badging—up for immediate sale:


Now we don't want to paint all wives as killjoy nags—if you want more of that, go watch According to Jim reruns or something. There's a very real possibility this guy dumped WAY too much time and money into a 40-year-old rust-bucket that apparently needs a new engine and has to be towed if interested parties are from anywhere outside the Sacto area. That said, it's also pretty clear from her listing that this woman hates this car with a passion typically reserved for barky neighborhood dogs and co-workers who provide unsolicited play-by-plays of their weekend first thing Monday morning:

This is my husbands project car! But not allowing him to put anymore money into it!! Needs new engine!!. No ac! No leaks! One 15 with custom box! Tags tell June, price is basically for body/custom inside of car(great condition)... 1800 without rims 2200 with rims and brand new tires. Located in Sacramento can be drove to shop or home within sac but any further I recommend tow.

Not sure who would buy this certified POS after that glowing, exclamation point-riddled description, but who knows, maybe Tiger is looking for a new whip...