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This is it, this is the dumbest clip in Wheel of Fortune (and game show) history

March 17, 2022

First off, part of me hates having to use the "This is it" headline construct because a co-worker, Chris Powers, first started using it at The Loop so everytime I use it I feel like I owe him some sort of royalty. And this is on the heels of him (finally) having a tweet go viral earlier this week so he really doesn't need anymore praise. But it really wasn't possible to avoid going this route because this really is it, this is the dumbest clip in Wheel of Fortune/game show/TV history. And I'm sure you'll agree.

OK, now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's get into the clip itself from Wednesday's episode of WHEEL. What makes it so great is that it involves all three contestants with one even failing to solve the almost completely solved puzzle not once, but twice! Have a look:

What a train wreck. To be fair, "Paddle Boat" flows off the tongue better than "Pedal Boat," but it had already been established that there wasn't another "A"! Not to mention, PADDLE has an extra letter than PEDAL. But again, it doesn't matter. There is no excuse for what unfolded.

How about Seann (anyone who spells that name like that might not be cut out for Wheel of Fortune) guessing "Paddle Boat" moments after Crystal wrongly guessed "Paddle Boat"? Amazing. And then when Crystal, gets her second crack at it, how in the world does she think a "W" is correct?! PEDAW?! How?! Not that Michelle's "M" is much better. And you've got to love Pat Sajak's dismissive "no."

It should also be noted that the category being "What are you doing?" is absolutely perfect. Because after watching this clip, we would ask that of all these contestants. Wow. Just, wow.

After Seann ( finally nails it, you can hear him mutter, "A little redemption." Yep. Well, emphasis on a little.