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This is it, this is the worst golf swing (and shot) we've ever seen

Thanks to smartphones, and people who have a sense for the moment, we've been treated to some incredibly bad golf swing videos on social media. Many are a great reminder that some folks took that fantastic Arnold Palmer "Swing Your Swing" Dick's commercial as literally as possible.

Last December there was that cringeworthy, twitchy swing from a Florida woman who actually got the ball airborne. A couple months earlier, another woman cranked one 200 yards with this absolutely insane move at the ball during a Tour Pro-Am. What you're about to see makes both of those swings and results look like Tiger's stinger hook at Sawgrass from two weeks ago.

Here's the video, posted by @mdgolfofficial, of a guy who is clearly not, shall we say... sober? I think that's a fair assumption:

Aaaaaaand it's nap time. Either this driving range stays open very late or this guy got the party started a tad too early. Wild swing and an even wilder result. He went full Woody Austin, never go full Woody Austin:

What a week for terrible golf swings, of which there have been many:

Still, driving range fall kid takes the cake. Until next week...