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This cringe-worthy golf swing will instantly make you feel better about your game

December 15, 2017

This poor woman. All she did was make decent contact with her well-grooved golf swing, and now she'll be regarded as one of the worst swings on the internet. The web is a tough place.

Hey, if it makes you feel better, low, loopy, twitchy swing woman, most of us would sign up for an automatic swing like yours. We're just not brave enough to admit it.

Behold, what might be the most unusual swing you've seen in a long time -- thanks to our friends at Barstool's Foreplay for sharing this bad boy.

But really, how did this lady get the ball airborne from this position? Amazing.

Golf swing Foreplay.png

Of course, it might not have anything on this swing.

Golfers never cease to amaze us.

(h/t Foreplay Pod)