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We need to talk about Michael Jordan's hideous golf swing

December 23, 2016

I'm a big skeptic of the USGA's new policy of disqualifying solo rounds for handicap scoring. However, after watching this video from Michael Jordan, I'm beginning to side with the governing body.

Because, according to the GHIN service, his Airness plays to a 1.9 figure. Does the clip below, captured by the Bryan Bros, look like the swing of a near-scratch golfer?

True, it's not Barkley-esque. Conversely...what the hell, right? It's like he was trying to replicate Jim Furyk's swing, only if a snake was wrapped around the shaft. Jordan's been retired for almost 15 years; all the man does is golf. And, judging by extensive research (re: YouTube), his swing wasn't always this bad:

Maybe he's compensating for an injury? Perhaps it's an elaborate Bryan Bros trick? Of course, the most realistic -- and troubling -- answer: MJ is simply getting old.

All that said, there's still a 100 percent chance he'd whoop our behinds if we played him in a match.