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What your favorite player looked like on NFL Draft night

Peyton Manning

Jamie Squire

It's easy to forget, but the stars of the NFL Draft are usually, beneath the stunting suits and goofy draft caps, little more than kids. Some of them even look like they could use a Proactiv endorsement. To celebrate the spotty complexions, youthful exuberance and return of the NFL's most irrationally optimistic weekend, we dug into the vaults to find the swaggiest (and sometimes sweatiest) old photos we could find. No matter who your favorite player is, something tells us you won't believe what they looked like on their first day on the job.

Eric Dickerson - 1983

Football Player Eric Dickerson Posing with Ram's Owner and Coach


John Elway - 1984

Portrait of John Elway


Richard "Refrigerator" Perry - 1985

Chicago Bears

Jonathan Daniel

Troy Aikman - 1989

Troy Aikman Holding Jersey


Brett Favre - 1991

Brett Favre - Atlanta Falcons - File Photos

Perry McIntyre

Drew Bledsoe - 1993

1993 NFL Draft

Focus On Sport

Marshall Faulk - 1994

1994 NFL Draft

Focus On Sport

Trent Dilfer - 1994

1994 NFL Draft

Focus On Sport

Keyshawn Johnson - 1996

Keyshawn Johnson, potential number one NFL draft pick, talks

New York Daily News Archive

Orlando Pace - 1997

Orlando Pace

Al Bello

Peyton Manning - 1998

Peyton Manning

Ezra Shaw

LaDanian Tomlinson - 2000

The NFL's No. 4 pick, LaDainian Tomlinson, is all smiles as

New York Daily News Archive

Chris Samuels and LaVar Arrington - 2000

NFL Draft 2000 Samuels

M. David Leeds

Eli Manning - 2004

2004 NFL Draft

Chris Trotman

Eli Manning Part Deux - 2004

2004 NFL Draft

Chris Trotman

Ben Roethlisberger - 2004

2004 NFL Draft - Day One

Tom Berg

Alex Smith - 2005

2005 NFL Draft

Sporting News Archive

Matt Leinart - 2006

2006 NFL Draft

Chris Trotman

Brady Quinn - 2007

2007 NFL Draft - April 28, 2007

Rich Schultz

Jamarcus Russell and Adrian Peterson - 2007

Radio City Photo Call For NFL Draft

Chris McGrath

Joe Flacco - 2008

Joe Flacco Drafted By Baltimore Ravens - Press Conference

Jeff Fusco

Sam Bradford - 2010

2010 NFL Draft Round 1

Jeff Zelevansky

Beast Mode - 2012

Bay Area News Group Archive

MediaNews Group/Bay Area News via Getty Images

Odell Beckham Jr. - 2014

NFL: MAY 08 National Football League Draft

Icon Sports Wire

Ezekiel Elliott - 2016

NFL Draft - Red Carpet

Kena Krutsinger

Jamal Adams - 2017

SiriusXM At The 2017 NFL Draft

Lisa Lake