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What if we told you this Michael Scott '30 for 30' looks like the best one yet?

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For lack of anything better to do, on Sunday night the sports world fell head over heels for Michael Jordan all over again. Two solid-if-unspectacular hours of ESPN's new 10-part 30 for 30 'The Last Dance' was all it took to light the match that lit the wick that ignited the dynamite that sent sports Twitter into a firework display of admiration, adulation, and rosy nostalgia. But what if we told you that it wasn't even the best basketball documentary to premiere on Sunday? What if we told you the GOAT was a man named Michael, but not Jordan . . .

OK, so obviously this is a joke, but contrary to 90% of jokes told on the internet, this is a pretty good one. We all love 'The Office' basketball episode (if you don't, you can get right the hell out here), and giving it the melodramatic 30 for 30 treatment makes so much sense that we're actually kind of surprised nobody had done it yet.

The mockumentary trailer is made even more fascinating in contrast to 'The Last Dance', however. Is Michael Michael? Does that make Jan Jerry Krause? Can we all agree that Dwight is Rodman? You'll have to tune in to find out, but here's hoping Kevin, the Steve Kerr of Dunder Mifflin, finally gets his due.