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Wesley Bryan shows he's still really good at trick shots after Bubba Watson calls him out

November 29, 2017

Wesley Bryan's fantastic rookie campaign on the PGA Tour included a first win at Hilton Head in April and the tour's fastest round ever. But as good as he's proven to be at real golf, the rising star hasn't forgotten his trick-shot roots that first made him famous.

We found this out on Wednesday after Bryan responded to being called out by Bubba Watson for a "Flick of the wrist challenge." The two-time Masters champ posted a pretty impressive video himself casually holing a long putt with one hand that had to avoid other people walking on the green during a photo shoot. Still, we wouldn't technically call it a trick shot, because essentially, it's just a putt:

Bryan was certainly up to the challenge, responding with the creative flair we've come to expect from the man who made up half of the Bryan Bros of viral video stardom. Check this out:

Don't poke the bear is right. As neat of a trick as that is, it's probably child's play for Wes.