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Watch Todd Frazier dupe umps into thinking he made an incredible catch in the seats

September 05, 2018

It's September, the NFL season starts Thursday and the New York Mets have been out of contention since the Kentucky Derby. Oh, and they are playing on the West Coast against Los Angeles at ungodly hours of the night. Unless Jacob deGrom is pitching (and also hitting, and coaching the team, and selling beers in the stands, etc.), there is absolutely no reason to talk about this baseball club.

Yet, believe it or not, even the Mets can have nice things. Case in point, this remarkable Todd Frazier catch from Monday night's game, which was a Mets win! Yes, deGrom pitched, and had an RBI single, but not until the following night did we find out what the real highlight of the game was courtesy of SNY's Steve Gelbs, who reported that Frazier's diving catch into the front row down the third base line at Dodger Stadium actually didn't happen, even though it did count. Watch this video to see what we mean:

First off, all-time great snitch reporting by Gelbs. Second, we have so many questions. Who brings a rubber baseball into a game? Was that actually a rubber baseball or a foul ball from earlier in the night? How did they even get that int the game? Why is it just sitting there? How did Frazier have the presence of mind to even grab that thing? How did the Dodger fans not snitch on him? How did the umps not catch this? What the hell's going on out here!!!

Truly unbelievable that this happened, especially with all the mind-numbingly slow replays that occur on a nightly basis. Though I'm guessing this one was not reviewable. Hats off to Frazier. A win for the good guys and a big fat L for the big bad umps.