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UMA Health is offering Mets fans free therapy

August 06, 2018
World Series - Kansas City Royals v New York Mets - Game Five

Jim McIsaac

Five days after the worst loss in franchise history, 10 days after Yoenis Cespedes announced season-ending heel surgery, and an ice age or two removed from that 12-2 start, there may finally be glimmer of light on the horizon for Mets fans: Free therapy. Lots and lots of free therapy.

Part of a new campaign to help de-stigmatize mental health, online marketplace UMA Health has opened their doors to one of America's most hopelessly messed up fanbases. To set up your free, confidential session, simply send UMA Health your email address and most painful Mets memory—listen, this stuff isn't going away until you face it—and they'll email you a promo code that you can use to book an appointment with a therapist where you can cover a variety of Mets-related topics like...

New York Mets v Florida Marlins

Rich Pilling

All joking aside, however, mental health is a serious issue and sports can often be a trigger for people struggling with everything from depression to OCD. So if you're a Mets fan and have some shit to work out between you and your baseball team, make sure to book your appointment while you can. Browns fans, meanwhile, are still on their own.