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Big glass-half-full guy Jarvis Landry thinks the Browns can hang 40 on teams, win the Super Bowl

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I'm all for the power of positive thinking. And as a fan of the Miami Dolphins, I will also say that I'm A. in no position to throw stones and B. still a big fan of Jarvis Landry, who will tear his own heart out to turn a four yard gain into a five yard one...even on 3rd and 13 (yes, Adam Gase's play-calling could really use some work). But there is a theoretical limit to optimism, and in his shiny new Sports Illustrated feature, Landry—now a member of the Cleveland Browns, in case you haven't been devouring every shred of Baker Mayfield training camp footy like we have—has most definitely found it. Take it away, kid:

You’ll be lucky if we don’t score 40 on you. If we get everyone playing to their potential, we can win the Super Bowl this year.

Yes. He's talking about the Cleveland Browns. The same Cleveland Browns who went 0-16 last season and threw a parade for it. The same Cleveland Browns who, come September 9th, will start their 22nd quarterback of the decade. The same Cleveland Browns who have won a whopping 88 games in 19 SEASONS since reentering the NFL. A Super Bowl? How about a single game? That seems like an actionable plan. In fact, circle week three, arguably the least watchable Thursday night game in the long, sloppy history of unwatchable Thursday night games. The revolution starts at 8:20pm EST...

Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 11.12.28 AM.png

Now, in all fairness, the Browns do seem like a much better team on paper this season and will play six games in a rapidly waning AFC North. If Myles Garrett can stay healthy, Josh Gordon can get his head on straight, and Tyrod Taylor can throw the ball to the orange helmets, this team could be flirting with a Wild Card spot come week 10.

That's a lot of ifs though, and if reports that the Browns are considering dragging Dez Bryant back from Ganymede (or wherever the hell he currently is) are true, add another big one to the list. Will they be improved? Yes. Will they score 40 at any point this season? Maybe (looking at you week three). Will they win the Super Bowl? Lol. Stop spiking the Gatorade, Jarvis.