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Watch out, NFL, the New England Patriots just signed a trick-shot (?) kicker

December 11, 2019

Oh, boy. What does Bill Belichick have up his sleeve for the New England Patriots in the NFL Playoffs this time? And no, we're not referring to any cameras. Well, actually, he could have those too. You never know with this guy!

But seriously, the New England Patriots turned some heads for what they did on Wednesday away from the football field—or the press box—by signing Josh Gable, a trick-shot kicker, to their practice squad. Check out this clip:

As you can see, Gable has also done some legitimate kicking as well, although we don't remember the Patriots plucking Adam Vinatieri from the Tucson Sugar Skulls.

Seriously, what's New England's angle here? Just a few years ago Belichick beat the Baltimore Ravens by having eligible receivers report as ineligible (a ploy that was banned by the league in the off-season). Does he plan to trick the Ravens with a trick-shot kicker this time? Or is this a desperate move by a team plagued by kicking woes this season?

Only time will tell. But in the meantime, if I were an opposing coach, I'd look for any possible kicking loopholes in the rule book.