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Bill Belichick's son Steve, the Patriots' safeties coach, sounds exactly like his dad (AKA boring as hell)

December 05, 2019

Save for one poor performance this past Sunday night in Houston, the New England Patriots have been by far the NFL's most elite defense this season. They're second only to the San Francisco 49ers in total yards allowed and yards allowed per game, and first in both total points allowed and points allowed per game. And they've done it all without having a defensive coordinator. Well, sort of.

Obviously, head coach Bill Belichick is such a defensive mastermind that the Patriots don't really need a defensive coordinator. Not to mention the fact that the former defensive coordinator, Matt Patricia, may not be as good as we all originally thought. While there is no doubt Bill is running the show on that side of the ball, there was a report earlier this season that Bill's son, Steve Belichick, assumed defensive play-calling duties this season. If that's true, it's safe to say stifling opposing offenses runs in the family.

Not only did Bill pass down a wealth of football knowledge to his oldest son, he also passed down his surly demeanor, at least around the media. On Thursday, a video of Steve speaking to a few members of the press hit social media, and if you close your eyes and listen to it you'd think it was his dad talking:

Scary stuff. He even does that thing his dad does where he's talking but his mouth doesn't appear to be moving. The mannerisms and sound of his voice are almost identical. The only difference is the beard, the mullet and the ability to crack a smile.