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Watch NYC's Tiger Hood follow Tiger Woods by making a "hole-in-one" of his own

November 28, 2018

Tiger Woods told reporters on Tuesday about recently making his first hole-in-one in 20 years, and that very day, New York City's "Tiger Hood" made an ace of his own. What a sign from the golf gods! Or, much more likely, a completely random coincidence. In any event, we're happy for both golfers.

Tiger Hood, whose real name is Patrick Q. F. Barr, gained notoriety a couple years ago when ESPN made a short "30 for 30" documentary on him. Barr, a photographer, has been playing street golf in the Big Apple since 2009 after finding a golf club in his garage. He makes golf balls out of milk cartons he finds in the trash, washing them in his bathtub.

"This is stuff from the garbage, but yet, it can go some place," Barr eloquently said in the short film. "It can do something for someone."

It certainly did something for New York filmmaker Nicholas Heller, who went nuts after catching Barr's perfect shot on camera. Check it out:

Barr's reaction to holing out in a basket on the street is also fantastic. "ShotTracker technology, baby!" What a line. And then after dodging an oncoming car, he tries to sell one of his photos (a questionably NSFW photo at that) to a passerby. Always be closing — and golfing — right? This dude certainly knows how to put on a show. Hmm. . .

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson promised golf fans something different with "The Match" and the final product received mixed results. But a Tiger Woods vs. Tiger Hood street golf battle in the middle of NYC? Now that would definitely be different.