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The best dunker in the world might be this middle school. . . science teacher?

November 27, 2018

LeBron James is thrilling Los Angeles Lakers fans with high-flying dunks on a regular basis now, but it was a fan who put the best aerial show at the Staples Center of the young season. During halftime of Sunday's game against the Orlando Magic, middle school science teach Jonathan Clark took the court for a contest — and wound up taking the crowd by storm. Check out this dazzling display of dunks, and again, keep in mind, he spends his days in a classroom instructing students about kinetic energy:

Amazing. That's three NBA Dunk Contest-level jams in about 25 seconds. I don't think my 8th-grade science teacher could do three push-ups in 25 seconds.

Of course, Mr. Clark does more than just dabble in dunks. He describes himself as a "pro dunker" in his Twitter bio, spent time as a member of the Harlem Globetrotters, and has a popular YouTube channel. Earlier this year, Clark, who was an All-American track star at UCLA, also went viral for dunking over a student at a pep rally:

Just a hunch, but Mr. Clark is probably a pretty popular teacher at Clovis North Educational Center. I mean, check out this one. . .

HOPS for days. This guy should be the halftime entertainment at every Lakers game.