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Watch the cool moment Michael Block's caddie figured out just how much he made at the PGA Championship

May 23, 2023

We've seen a ton of Michael Block videos this past week, but you know what? We can't get enough of them. So while we'd like to say this is the last one, we're not going to make any such promises. The guy is now a full-blown cult hero in addition to being an absolute content king.

Plus, this one doesn't just involve Michael, but also his caddie, John Jackson. It was also a magical week at Oak Hill for the former college golfer (his team at California State University's Monterey Bay won the 2011 Division II national title) and a current full-time looper at Spyglass Hill. So while his boss claimed the biggest payday of his life on Sunday, we're guessing it was also the most Jackson has ever earned on a golf course.

But what makes the situation even better is that Jackson figuring out just how much he made was captured on video. And by figuring it out, we mean the dude actually used a calculator to figure it out. Check out the scene as he shows Michael what his cut is and the two exchange a big fist bump:

Very cool, indeed. But John is definitely putting a price on it. By our calculations that $20,183.31 is seven percent of the $288,333 that Block earned for finishing T-15. And it sounds like John is going to be in even more demand when he returns to his day job:

Whenever that may be. Michael Block has some more big tournaments to play first. And as these guys proved, they're a pretty darn good duo.