$300k is $300k

Michael Block's PGA performance leads to an ... interesting offer


Andy Lyons

It’s Michael Block season.

The PGA Championship folk hero is still coasting off of an unheralded run for the ages, and it’s certainly well-deserved. The 46-year-old club pro made $288,333 at Oak Hill, received invites from PGA Tour events across the country and became so popular that we created a fictional movie around his exploits. Congrats to Brooks Koepka for winning another major or whatever, but there’s one story and one story only from the PGA that has gripped adults across the nation.

Speaking of adults … quite an interesting website is trying to join in on the Michael Block mania, and this is certainly a new one in golf circles. My.Club may sound like a place where you pick out your irons and perhaps a new putter, but, umm, it focuses on a different type of service. One of the adult entertainment variety.

The subscription service is attempting to enter the golf landscape by bagging the biggest name in the sport (for the moment) offering the newly-minted PGA legend $300k to become its golf professional. That's potentially more money than he made at the New York major.

An exclusive “subscription-based platform” that allows individuals to talk privately with content creators sent out an open letter to Block stating that they could compensate him up to $300,000 if he joined the service. For the next 12 months, Block would be able to provide coaching tips and one-on-one chats with users.

“Our goal is to bring your expertise and professional insight to the masses and show how My.Club can be utilized to monetize sports lessons and other activities for adult audiences,” said Mike Ford, the vice president of My.Club.

Block has yet to respond publicly to the offer.