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Washington Capitals fan attends banner-raising his own living room

October 08, 2018

We don't get to say this very often, but it's pretty good time to be Washington Capitals fan. They won finally the Stanley Cup, Ovi came back from summer vacation alive (and with his liver intact), and they hung seven on the Bruins during last week's season opener. Will it all come crashing to an unceremonious, gut-wrenching end? Absolutely it will, but until that fateful day, Caps fans are savoring their newfound mojo, especially Twitter user and mustache aficionado Max Walsh, who held his very own banner raising ceremony in his living room on Friday. Check it out:

Accompanied by his dog and friend, both bedecked in full Caps gear, and blasting Queen to the proverbial rafters, Walsh, with the help of a DIY string pulley system, slowly raised his 2018 Stanley Cup Champion dish towel above the mantle, where it will proudly reside for the rest of recorded time...or at least until Thursday, when the Caps face off against the Golden Knights in a very early Stanley Cup rematch. Sorry honey.

In other Caps news, Tom Wilson is still a psychopath and currently serving a 20-game suspension for trying to turn Oskar Sundqvist into the Headless Horseman IN A PRESEASON GAME. What a feel good story this team is, amirite?