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A Good Walk Spoiled

In memory of Mike Leach, let's revisit his iconic monologue on the game of golf

December 12, 2023

UPDATE: On December 12th, 2022, Mike Leach passed away following a massive heart attack at his home in Mississippi. Over the years, Coach Leach delivered countless memorable sound bites, but his 2018 monologue on the sport of golf remains one of our favorites. In memory of Leach, we have updated and republished the following post to share with you for years to come. Rest easy, coach.

For fear of beating Mike Leach into the ground, which isn't even possible, we're going to try to make this the last thing we write about him until football season. Unless of course, he offers up some secret info on the JFK assassination, UFOs, aliens or Big Foot. Oh, crap, he's talked about a few of those already. OK, then we'll wait until he has a healthy debate about Pirates vs. Vikings... SON OF A B--.

Seriously, no more Leach until September, except for this instance, where the former Washington State coach had his say on golf. Not surprisingly, he hates the game we all love:

Leach has a way of breaking down something so literally that you can't help but agree with the man, although we definitely disagree with him here. But he's not wrong about this:

"They'll line up over the ball and they'll say they're going to do something that you can't do with a sniper rifle and a scope, but they're going to do it with a stick and a ball. They'll say 'OK if I just back off on my left and put a little more weight on my right, the ball will go right there.' No it won't. I mean it might be a good shot, it might be a great shot, but it's not going to go there."

Sounds like everyone's golf game.