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Mike Leach's raccoon-hunting story could be his finest hour, and that's saying A LOT

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. For a small portion of us, this cliche is true when it comes to college football season, which seems like it ended a year ago (it's only been 3 months) and is taking longer to come back (only 4 months away!). For a much, much smaller portion of us, this cliche is especially true when it comes to the musings of Mike Leach.

Fear not, fellow Leach-ites ... Leach-ians? ... Leach-lovers?, for he has returned like the spring time, offering up a raccoon-hunting story that could be his finest hour. It may even top his epic three-minute dissertation on weddings, which is saying a lot. Enjoy:

This one had it all. An odd tale told by a guy who thinks nothing of its oddness, some Leach grumbles and mumbles, and reporters attempting to hold back laughter as a man explains how he literally tracked down raccoon once out of curiosity. The only thing missing from the story was Leach not taking the raccoon in as a pet like he had when he was a kid (its name was Bilbo Baggins).

Sooner or later, one would think the Leach act could wear thin, and it has for some wet blankets, but it never will here. Mike Leach will always be funny, at least as long as he stays at Washington State. We all dodged a big bullet when he didn't bolt for Tennessee. If and when he does take a bigger job, the raccoon stuff probably won't fly with an SEC fanbase. So enjoy it while you can.