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Vladimir Guerrero’s 10-year-old son Pedro Guerrero is already crushing dingers like the rest of the family

If you follow the MLB prospect churn even peripherally, then you’ve heard the term “pipeline” tossed about like ol’ Rawlings. D1 programs, the Caribbean, the Far East. Name a talent-rich region, any talent-rich region, and you have yourself a pipeline—a feeder culture of baseball stars-to-be from the youth level up into the bigs. But what if that “pipeline” wasn’t a place but a who? Could they still be considered a “pipeline”? That’s the all-important question we’re contemplating this morning upon discovering Pedro Guerrero, the latest dinger-crushing export from former MLB legend Vladimir Guerrero.

Vlad's son Vladdy—AKA Vladimir Guerrero Jr.—is already in the majors, of course. He’s a viral legend, has amassed 72 home runs by the age of 23, and is poised for his first true season on a Contendah since getting called up in 2019. Then, just as opposing pitchers thought they were finally getting a grip on the Guerreros, here comes another one, absolutely nuking balls at the age of 10. You really can’t make it up.

There’s no telling if Pedro will one day be the best of the bunch. 10 is young. On one hand it makes you shudder to think how good he could be. On the other, he hasn’t even discovered girls yet. But should he stick with it, hone his craft, and one day make it to The Show, then it will finally be time to honor Vlad the elder with the title he truly deserves:

Vladimir Guerrero Sr., One-Man Baseball Pipeline.